Vocal Editing tool for anyone.
Vocaltrap is a new vocal editing application for any music creation software.
Get your vocal track prepared for mastering with few clicks.
Vocaltrap Main Screen
Editing raw vocal file often becomes a cumbersome. Forget about mixing extra plugins and applications to prepare your vocal for tune and mastering. With a set of tools for spliting vocal areas, audio fade, noise gate, and automatic settings, it’s accessable to everyone.
Visual tools for fine tuning.
The set of intuitive and robust slider adjustments in Vocaltrap lets you edit your vocal accurately in any way. With support of presets and automatic mode, an editing process couldn't be simpler.
Edit with precision.
Remove noise outside of vocal areas, fade the sound, apply noise gate, use zoom to fine-tune. This way, all your edits can be made with the sliders with precision.
Adjust your vocal automatically.
In Vocaltrap, all editing steps can be applied with one click using an automatic algorithm. There is no need to waste even minutes.
Preset-based editing.
With presets, you can save your favorite combinations and use them with any imported vocal sound. Make the process easier.
Use it with any applications.
Vocaltrap is fully compatible with all popular music production software for MaOS and Windows. It runs as an external application right inside the main host.
Choose your Vocaltrap.
Available on MacOS and Windows for $24.99.
  • - Apple macOS 10.15 or newer
  • - Internet connection for software activation and updates checking.
  • - Windows 10 or newer (64 bit)
  • - Internet connection for software activation and updates checking.
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